NEWARK, CA—Lucid Group Inc. has released the latest episode of its Tech Talks video series. The 26-minute segment examines the technology behind the automaker’s Wunderbox ultra-fast, ultra-flexible EV charging system. The episode is hosted by Eric Bach, senior vice president of product and chief engineer at Lucid.

Bach explains how the system makes it possible for the Lucid Air sedan to add as much as 100 miles of driving range with as little as five minutes of charging, or up to 300 miles of range in under 22 minutes. He also talks about bi-direction charging features that could be a potential game-changer for renewable energy.

The Wunderbox episode is the third installment in the 10-episode Tech Talks series on YouTube. Each episode explores a different area in which Lucid's in-house technological innovations have led to breakthroughs in aerodynamics, EV batteries and other vehicle components. Upcoming episodes will discuss motors, inverters, transmissions and other drive unit components.