Performance Feeders specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality parts feeding equipment.

Since 1973, our knowledgeable and highly skilled manufacturing team has been creating sustainable parts feeding solutions, collaborating with our customers from a variety of industries to achieve the most efficient feeding method for each individual product application.

From simple feed systems to complete turn-key parts handling systems, we continue serving the medical, automotive, industrial, packaging and consumer products industries with our advanced design processes, to create customized and repeatable automation solutions that perform reliably for years.

Our extensive feeding product line includes Vibratory Feeder bowls, Centrifugal (high speed) Feeder bowls, Step Feeders, Drum Feeders, Flex Feeders, Conveyors, Spring Feeders, Prefeeders, Elevators and Protective System Enclosures with Visual inspection, Part Isolation, and Controls packages available to feed a wide variety of parts.

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