YOKOHAMA, Japan—Nissan Motor Corp. has unveiled a new approach to electrified power train development. Its “X-in-1” initiative features shared, modular components that will reduce manufacturing costs by 30 percent.

Nissan engineers have developed a 3-in-1 power train prototype that modularizes the motor, inverter and reducer. A 5-in-1 prototype, which additionally modularizes the generator and increaser, is also under development for use in future EVs. To cut costs and improve efficiency, all of the components will be produced on the same assembly line.

“We make the most of our expertise and know-how from our more-than-a-decade long development and production of electrified technologies,” says Toshihiro Hirai, senior vice president of power train and EV engineering development at Nissan. “Through our innovations in electrified power train development, we’ll continue to create new value for customers and deliver 100 percent motor-driven vehicles as widely as possible.”

Under its long-term vision, Nissan Ambition 2030, the company plans to bolster its vehicle lineup with 27 new electrified models, including 19 EVs, by the end of this decade.