GAYDON, England—Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) plans to boost its electric vehicle output by the end of this decade. As part of its Reimagine initiative, the automaker claims that 100 percent of Jaguars and 60 percent of Land Rovers will be available with EV power trains by 2030.

“Future Jaguar models will be built exclusively on a pure electric architecture,” says Thierry Bolloré, CEO of JLR. “In the next five years, Land Rover will welcome six pure electric variants as it continues to be the world leader of luxury SUVs through its three families of Range Rover, Discovery and Defender. The first all-electric variant will arrive in 2024.

“[Our] aim is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across [our] supply chain, products and operations by 2039,” explains Bolloré. “As part of this [strategy, we are also] preparing for the expected adoption of clean fuel-cell power in line with a maturing of the hydrogen economy.

“Sustainability that delivers a new benchmark in environmental and societal impact for the luxury sector is fundamental to the success of Reimagine,” claims Bolloré. “A new centralized team will be empowered to build on and accelerate pioneering innovations in materials, engineering, manufacturing, services and circular economy investments.

“Reimagine is designed to deliver simplification, too,” adds Bolloré. “By consolidating the number of platforms and models being produced per plant, [we] will be able to establish new benchmark standards in efficient scale and quality for the luxury sector. Such an approach will help rationalize sourcing and accelerate investments in local circular economy supply chains.”