Automated assembly and advanced manufacturing are hot topic industry themes we delve into on our podcast, ASSEMBLY Audible. On a recent ASSEMBLY Audible episode, we connected with celebrated engineer and digital content creator Jousef Murad to discuss where AI fits in the current scope and future of manufacturing. Jousef is an engineer who specializes in artificial intelligence at Monolith. He is also a well-known content creator on LinkedIn and YouTube, creating content by engineers for engineers. Listen to the entire conversation. Or check out a handful of clips for Jousef's insights on how AI can be utilized in manufacturing. 

To start the conversation, we asked Jousef a fundamental question, what is AI? And what can you do with it?

How is AI currently being used in the manufacturing space?

Some common misconceptions about AI?

For the audio podcast, make sure to check out An Engineer-Minded Approach to AI for Manufacturers.

An Engineer-Minded Approach to AI for Manufacturers

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