Nokia chose FlexLink to supply the conveyor lines for its facility in Hungary.

Nokia (Helsinki, Finland), a manufacturer of mobile phones, chose Hungary for its new facility. The main reason for choosing Hungary was the favorable geographic location, existing infrastructure, and the skilled and well-educated labor force.

The factory has been dubbed the “factory of the future,” due to its state-of-the-art equipment and innovative assembly processes. This was key to fulfilling the needs of its customers. The plant includes circuit board assembly, final assembly, testing, programming and packaging.

Nokia chose FlexLink (G¿teborg, Sweden) to supply the conveyor lines for the back-end processes. FlexLink proposed a two-story XM conveyor system. The phones are transported in paper trays, which require special attention during handling. The special handling requirements include special stoppers at the workstations and custom slides at the end of the lines.

Since starting up the lines, the conveyors have been trouble-free. At the end of 2001, Nokia decided to use different paper trays, and it introduced several changes in the conveyor system. The lines had to be made wider, as well as longer. Angle plates were also added to both sides of the conveyors, and a wider guide rail was mounted.

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