AUBURN HILLS, MI—DESTACO has introduced a series of end-of-arm tooling specifically for applications employing small-payload robots or cobots. The tooling is designed for gripping, palletizing, machine tending, tool changing and tool extension applications up to 10 kilograms in total payload.

“Small payload robots are commonly found in larger industrial-manufacturing facilities, but there has been significant growth recently in their use in small, light industrial and commercial shops due to the low-cost entry into robotic automation,” says Gary Labadie, global product director for DESTACO. “This low cost entry into robotic automation is now a focus and a solution for both large and small facilities coping with the economic climate.”

The fast growth in the cobot market is driven by a number of factors, including increases in inflation rates, labor costs, labor shortages and excessive workforce turnover. The low startup costs for new users of automation and a relatively short return on investment (ROI) period system, which can be as few as 8 to 12 months, are making cobots a viable automation option for even small manufacturers.

DESTACO has designed its cobot tooling products for simplicity and ease of use with off-the-shelf availability via kits that feature all of the end-user selected accessories, along with the hardware and tools needed for installation, reducing the need to consult an application engineer. All of the tooling products are compatible with cobots that have an ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 end-of-arm mounting pattern. Blank robot and tool plates are offered for those who wish to use their own mounting patterns.

A unique product in DESTACO’s suite of cobot tooling is the Microtool end effector, which enables the cobot to perform palletizing functions. If engineers know the length, width and weight of the packages to be lifted and transferred, they can select a pre-engineered palletizing kit for the application, eliminating the tool design work necessary with off-the-shelf kits.

Other products in the line-up include:

  • CB-200 quick-move base: Allows the cobot to be moved from one workstation to another without the need to reprogram the robot.
  • ARV-C vacuum gripper: Can pick up and move product via one air line with an auto-release vacuum generator. It’s available in nine sizes and shapes.
  • MG magnet gripper: Available in two sizes, it allows the picking of ferrous material or components with one pneumatically actuated air line.
  • MultiMount tool array: Mounts up to five different tools to the cobot wrist via various tool mounting plates and multiple extension lengths.
  • MultiMount machine tending: Can accommodate two grippers or tools for use in workpiece exchange applications in CNC machining centers.
  • MultiMount tool extension: Extends the reach of the cobot arm.
  • TC1 manual tool changer: Allows the user to change cobot tools quickly and repeatably.
Tool storage tree: Stores and organizes up to six tools safely and securely.