Ultrasonic welding technology is playing a key role in the production of high-voltage cables and batteries for electric vehicles and hybrids. As demand for EVs grows, the need for these components is reaching levels where either semiautomatic or fully automatic manufacturing systems are now required to keep pace.

It’s therefore essential that ultrasonic welding technology is configured to maximize productivity, while maintaining the highest levels of consistency and quality. It’s also important for ultrasonic welding equipment to be easily incorporated into automated production lines, so that systems integrators can commission lines faster.

The new Telso Terminal TT7 ultrasonic welding system from Telsonic gives machine builders a range of options for both system integration and parts presentation for processing. Some integrators may choose to present the parts on a linear or rotary indexing system, while others may prefer to use a robot or other mechanism to load and unload the system. With clear access from the front, rear and both sides, the TT7 gives integrators maximum flexibility in how to integrate the machine into an automated line.

The welder incorporates the latest version of the company’s proven PowerWheel technology, which ensures maximum reliability and optimum process control for welding metal cable with cross sections of up to 200 square millimeters. It also features a quick-change system that lets operators change tools in less than 5 minutes. Cycle times of only 20 seconds are possible. New features ensure efficient cooling of the tooling—without compressed air—so high OEE levels are possible.

Telsonic’s Telso Flex operating software, which has been enhanced for the TT7, facilitates efficient production monitoring and logging of each application. The intuitive user interface displays only the information relevant to the user. Production data and values from various sensors are available for digital data logging and process evaluation purposes.

Telsonic has configured a complete package for system integrators which includes the PowerWheel  torsional ultrasonic welding station, MAG generator, electrical panel complete with control, OPC UA, and a touch screen interface.

For more information, clickwww.telsonic.com or visit the company’s booth atThe ASSEMBLY Showin October.