Source: Beta Technologies Opens Electric-Aircraft Assembly Plant in Vermont by Jonathan Welsh

BURLINGTON, VT— On Monday, October 2, Electric aerospace company/aircraft developer Beta Technologies opened a new factory at the Burlington International Airport (KBTV) in Vermont for large-scale production of its all-electric aircraft, the Alia eCTOL and eVTOL.

The company said it has begun installing the assembly tooling and production line systems, marking "a significant milestone along [Beta's] path to delivering its electric aircraft to military and commercial customers.

The production facility, which covers 188,500 square feet, is expected to create hundreds of jobs as Beta ramps up to a maximum production rate of 300 aircraft annually. The facility is located on a 40-acre site with the potential to double its size if necessary.

Thus far, Beta has flown more than 500 piloted flights on its own in-house-built battery systems and conducted more than 10,000 hours of testing on electric motors produced on its pilot production lines, the company said. Because of partnerships with many of its main suppliers, according to Beta, the company has conducted most of its test flights, totaling 26,000 miles, using the same supplier parts and systems to be implemented on its production aircraft.

The company also said it will use a Garmin avionics suite for its integrated flight deck. Beta said it has collaborated with Garmin to tailor its standard commercial products to its IFR-capable aircraft. The company has also partnered with numerous other aerospace suppliers for key systems and materials, including lithium-ion battery cells, propellers, and exterior lighting. Some of those suppliers have provided systems installed in the company's test aircraft and simulators.

Beta also noted that Monday's opening adds to its other operations in Vermont, including its R&D headquarters and a maintenance and training hangar in South Burlington, pilot manufacturing facilities in Williston, and a battery research center in St. Albans.