Source: New Biden TV ad hits Trump on manufacturing jobs by Monica Alba

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Joe Biden’s campaign aired a new ad blasting former President Donald Trump’s record on manufacturing during the Chicago Bears-Carolina Panthers game on Thursday Night Football, just hours after Biden traveled to Illinois to highlight his support for unions and autoworkers, according to a campaign official.  

The 30-second spot, draws a “sharp contrast between Donald Trump and his failed MAGAnomics agenda” and Biden’s economic plan, the campaign said.

The ad, entitled “Delivers,” opens with Trump playing golf, with narration that says: “He says he stands with autoworkers but as president, Donald Trump passed tax breaks for his rich friends, while automakers shuttered their plants and the U.S. lost manufacturing jobs.”

In September, Biden traveled to the Detroit area to join autoworkers on the picket line, making history as the first sitting president to do so. The visit is featured in the ad, accompanying the line: “Manufacturing is coming back to America because Joe Biden doesn’t just talk, he delivers.”

The six-week-long strike came to an end last week after the United Auto Workers reached a tentative agreement with the three major auto companies.

“President Biden is actually delivering, helping to bring hundreds of thousands of good-paying manufacturing jobs back home to America and standing with workers as the most pro-union president in U.S. history,” Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said in a statement.

The Biden campaign plans to make the economy a centerpiece of its re-election pitch, though the president is struggling to convince voters that his economic proposals are working.

Biden is set to visit a Stellantis assembly plant northwest of Chicago on Thursday that had previously idled, and he will also meet with UAW president Shawn Fain.

The midsize pickup truck production facility is reopening to allow for the “rehiring and retooling” of electric vehicle and electric vehicle battery jobs, according to the White House, as a direct result of the agreement between the UAW and Stellantis.

“Donald Trump will lie and say he supports unions and American autoworkers, but the reality is he doesn’t care about working people. He sees the world from Park Avenue, not an assembly plant floor, and his record reflects it,” Chavez Rodriguez said.