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Last fall, the United Auto Workers ratified new contracts with the Detroit Three automakers that put an end to more than six weeks of targeted strikes. In in the end, the union got almost everything it wanted in the deal. What’s more, the impact of the contract could extend far beyond Detroit. In this episode, chief editor John Sprovieri talks about the new contract and how the UAW hopes to use that momentum to once again organize nonunion auto plants in the Southeast.

This episode also covers:

  • How electric trucks produced at the Mercedes-Benz assembly plant in Worth, Germany, are being used to deliver parts to the factory.
  • How German appliance maker Miele is investing $658 million to build a new assembly plant in Opelika, AL.
  • How Stellantis is joining with EV start-up Ample to integrate Ample’s battery swapping technology into Stellantis’ electric vehicles.
  • How humanoid robots could soon be deployed on the assembly line. 

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