ANN ARBOR, MI—For the 10th consecutive year, Toyota has been awarded more patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) than any other automaker, according to an annual report by the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO).

Despite a challenging year that saw a 3 percent overall decline in patents granted across all industries in the United States, Toyota ranked seventh among all companies awarded patents in 2023, receiving a total of 2,667 patents.

“This achievement continues to underscore Toyota’s unwavering commitment to innovation, particularly in areas critical to the future of mobility such as electrification and intelligent transportation solutions,” said Sandra Phillips Rogers, senior vice president of corporate resources and chief legal officer at Toyota Motor North America. “Our focus is on creating sustainable and advanced technological solutions and contributing to the betterment of society and the industry at large, all while ensuring our innovations are recognized through filings with the USPTO.”

Toyota’s 2023 patents include:

  • Kinetic seat cushion for vehicles. The company’s new IsoDynamic seat absorbs vehicle inputs vertically and laterally, reducing the overall load and impacts on vehicle occupants.
  • Woven carbon-fiber reinforced steel matrix composite. A carbon fiber fabric of long, organized fibers within a steel matrix that produces a lighter weight material without sacrificing performance. By layering the carbon fiber in a weaving pattern sintered with steel nanomaterial, the composite is stiff and light.
  • Dual-function coil for in-vehicle wireless power. Designed for hybrid and electric vehicles, this device can wirelessly receive power from the grid for recharging the battery and serve as an auxiliary power supply. The technology eliminates the need for bulky cables, many connectors, and heavy-duty plugs to provide in-vehicle charging and power for cabin lights, screens and other electronics.
Globally, Toyota spends approximately $1 million per hour on R&D, to ensure that Toyota rapidly and continuously develops cutting-edge, high-quality, and appealing vehicles and technologies.