BEIJING—Chinese automotive OEM Xiaomi Automobile Co. has successfully deployed 94 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at its assembly plant here.

Supplied by Chinese robotics company Guozi, four AMR models will be used for more than 100 material handling tasks within the factory. Specifically, the AMRs will dock with nearly 200 storage locations within Xiaomi’s body shop and die-casting areas. Contour mapping and SLAM technologies enable the AMRs to achieve high-precision navigation. Guozi claims its AMRs can maintain a positional accuracy of 7 millimeters. Advanced scheduling algorithms will optimize task assignment and planning.

Xiaomi is also using Guozi’s intelligent storage management system. The system will integrate with Xiaomi’s management system to allow for intelligent management of loading and unloading buffer locations. Guozi says this will help address limited storage space challenges within the factory.

Xiaomi has been rapidly expanding its presence in the electric vehicle market. The company announced plans to invest $10 billion in its EV business over the next decade. Xiaomi’s first EV, the CyberDog, is expected to launch later this year.