Based in Holland, MI, OMT-Veyhl manufactures metal components for office furniture, as well as height-adjustable office tables.

When the company’s engineers wanted strong, adaptable, ergonomic products for their plant floor, they developed their own line of steel products featuring the company’s patented height-adjustment technology and a modular design concept. The designs quickly became a standard in the factory. They increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lowered workman’s comp exposure by creating a safe, lean facility for all team members.

In fact, the equipment was so well-received in the factory that OMT-Veyhl created a separate company, BUILT Systems, in 2013 to make and sell industrial workstations, machine bases, welding tables, material handling carts, and other shop floor equipment to manufacturers nationwide.

BUILT’s welding tables are particularly popular. The tables are made from rigid, cold-rolled steel and equipped with heavy-duty, 6-inch locking casters. The base height for the table is 36.5 inches. High-performance actuators raise and lower loads 12 inches at the touch of a button, for smooth, ergonomic operation.

The nitride-coated work surface consists of a series of plates, 5/8 inch thick, spaced 1.7 inches apart to enable modular fixtures. Each plate has holes, 5/8 inch in diameter, in a 2-inch grid.

The tables have a VOC-free powder-coated surface. Three standard colors are available: white, black and metallic silver. Custom colors are possible.

The tables come in three models: 1000, 3000 and 6000. The 1000 is 22 inches wide and 38 inches long and can lift 1,000 pounds. The 3000 is 46 inches wide and either 47, 78 or 94 inches long. It can lift 3,000 pounds. The 6000 is 46 inches wide and 94 inches long. It can lift 6,000 pounds.

A mobile tool cart is also available. Produced in two standard sizes, this six-shelf cart comes with cutouts shadowed in yellow for each tool in a welder’s tool set from Strong Hand Tools. The small cart is made to hold the standard 80-piece set, while the large cart holds the standard 120-piece set.

For more information on workstations and welding tables, click or visit the company’s booth at The ASSEMBLY Show. BUILT Systems is one of at least 13 suppliers of welding equipment, workstations and ergonomic products that will be exhibiting at the show, which will take place Oct. 22-24 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. Besides suppliers of workstations, you’ll find 225 suppliers of robots, motion control technology, parts feeders, fastening tools, software and other assembly technologies. For more information, visit