ODENSE, Denmark—Universal Robots has incorporated the Standard Robot Command Interface (SRCI) into its software. This integration will enable the company to offer direct control of its collaborative robot arms from Siemens PLCs. Universal Robots is one of the first collaborative robot vendors to adopt the SRCI.

The SRCI serves as a universal interface between robots and PLCs and is designed to streamline the integration process. By fully integrating the SRCI into its software, Universal Robots will enhance the connectivity of its cobots and simplify their use with Siemens PLCs. This move is part of the company’s broader effort to make automation more accessible and user-friendly.

Universal Robots’ Director of Strategic Partnerships, Daniel Friedman, highlights the benefits of connecting the company’s cobots to the SRCI. “By having our robots connect seamlessly to a global industry leader like Siemens, we can now offer our partners and customers…faster integration and higher ease of use,” says Friedman.

In addition to direct control, the SRCI integration will also allow for easier programming of Universal Robots’ cobots for Simatic users. The standardization of robot commands and definitions between the SRCI and Siemens PLCs will streamline the implementation process and facilitate the deployment of cobots in a wide range of manufacturing settings.

“We want to accelerate Factory Automation and scale the use of robots in industry by making them simple and available to all our customers’ employees,” says Rolf Heinsohn, vice president of factory automation segment control at Siemens. “It is a great advantage for our customers to be able to easily integrate and use UR’s robots together with the Siemens PLCs in their production.”

The SRCI integration is initially available for Universal Robots’ e-Series family of cobots, as well as the new UR20 and UR30 models. Customers can access the SRCI integration by updating to PolyScope version 5.15 and installing URcap software.

Siemens has been actively promoting the use of its PLCs for robot control and integration. The company’s SIMATIC Robot Integrator is designed to simplify the programming and operation of industrial robots, with a focus on seamless integration with Siemens PLCs and other automation components.