VERO BEACH, FL—Piper Aircraft has installed an Agile Manufacturing Robot (AMR) from Wilder Systems on its assembly line here for the M600/SLS single-engine airplane. 

The AMR is the result of a collaborative effort between Piper and Wilder to increase safety, quality and efficiency throughout the factory. Specifically, the AMR is programmed to drill the aircraft’s wings.

This project began in August 2022 and full production began in February 2023. Measuring 12 feet by 8.5 feet, the AMR is a programmable, autonomous system that incorporates a light duty drill unit and tool holder. A state-of-the-art safety system will stop the robot immediately if a person or object is detected within the machine’s operational area. 

“Investing in the latest manufacturing technology is of the utmost importance to Piper Aircraft,” says Greg Spadaro, vice president of operations and supply chain at Piper. “We’re constantly finding new methods of increasing both product quality and manufacturing efficiencies to benefit our customers.”