ROCHESTER, NY-Eastman Kodak Co. is joining forces with electronics manufacturing company Flextronics International Ltd. (Singapore) to build Kodak consumer digital cameras.

Under the agreement, Kodak will divest its entire digital camera manufacturing requirements to Flextronics, including assembly, production and testing. Kodak will continue to work on high-level system design and product development.

"This is another move in Kodak's overall strategy to further drive improvements for profitability and efficiency in the operating model of our consumer digital business," says Eastman Kodak vice president John Blake. "By partnering with Flextronics, Kodak will streamline our digital camera operations. This agreement will bring our camera products to market more quickly, with greater predictability, flexibility, and cost efficiency."

Kodak will retain all intellectual property, as well as Kodak trademarks and all digital camera technologies.

Flextronics provides manufacturing services to a wide range of companies in the aerospace, automotive, medical and computer industries. The company has facilities in 30 countries around the globe.