Based in Abbotsford, BC,Overlanders Manufacturingis a large supplier of precision sheet metal and tubular products, including parts for the electronics industry. Many of these parts must be plated prior to fastener insertion.
With its ability to feed multiple fasteners, the 824 OneTouch hardware insertion press has greatly reduced cycle times for Overlanders Manufacturing. Photo courtesy Haeger Corp

For many years, fastener insertion at Overlanders required the use of several insertion presses. Assemblers would position a large quantity of parts around each insertion press, then use it as necessary to insert different fasteners into each part. This invariably resulted in each part being picked up and put down multiple times.

Recently, Overlanders replaced its time-consuming, multiple-machine method with a single 824 OneTouch hardware insertion press made by Haeger Corp. The press can insert up to four different fasteners in a part at one time.

“Because the parts are just handled once, assemblers are able to limit the work in progress built up around the machine and get it in and out of the area quickly,” says Dennis Morelli, owner of Overlanders. “Cycle times have been reduced up to 50 percent on parts with two or more fasteners.”

Morelli says the press has greatly reduced part damage due to unnecessary handling. He also says Overlanders’ workers are comfortable with the machine after training, which covers programming and mechanical operation.

The press is controlled by a PC-based touch screen interface that is 12 inches in diameter and uses InsertionLogic software. Incorporated into the software is a built-in counter that reduces the likelihood of missed fasteners. The counter guides the operator through a programmable insertion sequence of fasteners into each part.

The force range of the press is 1,000 to 16,000 pounds. Throat depth and height are 24 and 17 inches, respectively. Force repeatability is ±0.5 percent. The machine has a 5-hp hydraulic pump motor.

Other key features of the press include a multi-shuttle tooling platform and positive stop. The multi-shuttle tooling platform enables operators to changeover the machine between nuts, studs and standoffs quickly and easily—typically within 2 minutes. This platform increases consistency and lessens the need for training.

The positive stop is ideal for applications where absolute repeatability is critical, especially when fasteners are being inserted into thin-gauge sheets and other delicate materials. It also facilitates insertion in parts where pressures as low as 50 pounds are needed.

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