Taste of Rosemont

A juicy, char-broiled steak. A deep-dish pizza. Sizzling shrimp fajitas. A grilled bratwurst loaded with kraut and mustard.

A cardiologist’s nightmare or the perfect dinner? Decide for yourself at the Assembly Show’s welcoming reception on Monday, Oct. 28, from 5 to 8 p.m. Sponsored by ATI Industrial Automation, this reception will bring back the popular “Taste of Rosemont,” featuring flavors and cuisine from 16 local restaurants.

The following restaurants will be offering a variety of tasty treats during the reception.


Adobe Gila’s




Café Zalute




Capital Grille








Cucina Biagio Italian Ristorante




Five Roses Pub




Gibsons Steakhouse




Giordano’s Restaurant




Harry Caray’s Restaurant 




Hilton Rosemont Hotel








King’s Bowling




Nick’s Fishmarket




Park Tavern




Rosemont Catering




Rosewood Restaurant & Banquets





Assembly Technology on Display

Some nearly 150 exhibitors will display the latest productivity-enhancing technology at the Assembly Show later this month.

This index is not comprehensive. For simplicity, assembly technologies were broadly grouped, and each exhibitor was listed under only one category. For complete information, visit www.theassemblyshow.com or consult the show program.

Adhesives, Dispensing & Curing

Adhesives Research Inc.        Booth 548

Bioformix Inc.                           Booth 933

Cyberbond LLC                      Booth 1013

Dymax Corp.                          Booth 1025

Extreme Adhesives Inc.        Booth 1041

Federal Process Corp.            Booth 249

Fisnar Inc.                                Booth 533

Graco Inc.                                Booth 344

Henkel Loctite                          Booth 333

Hernon Manufacturing Inc.     Booth 246

Isotec International Inc.        Booth 1138

Kent Manufacturing Co.          Booth 743

Lumen Dynamics                   Booth 1106

Nordson EFD                           Booth 104

NovaGard Solutions Inc.        Booth 741

On-Hand Adhesives             Booth 1219

Permabond Engineering Adhesives LLC           Booth 938

PVA                                           Booth 648

Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc. Booth 1324

Silicone Solutions                   Booth 940

Specialty Coating Systems     Booth 447

STAR Technology Inc.           Booth 940

Techcon Systems Inc.            Booth 345


Assembly Presses

Aries Engineering Co. Inc.     Booth 433

FEC Inc.                                    Booth 824

Promess Inc.                            Booth 213


SCHMIDT Technology            Booth 621

Tox-Pressotechnik                  Booth 439


Contract Manufacturers & Assembly Services

Arc-tronics Inc.                        Booth 642

Assembly Solutions               Booth 1238

Richmar Electronics Corp.   Booth 1007

Sentinel Machine Safety         Booth 646


Conveyors, Modular Hardware & Automation Components

Boca Bearing Co.                    Booth 543

Bosch Rexroth Corp.              Booth 607

Carr Lane Roemheld Manufacturing Co.            Booth 645

Creform Corp.                          Booth 517

Dorner Manufacturing Corp.  Booth 713

Flex Craft                                  Booth 813

Fulling Motor USA Inc.            Booth 644

Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing Co. Booth 737

IAI America Inc.                        Booth 613

MagneMotion Inc.                   Booth 932

Patlite (USA) Corp.                  Booth 922

Quickdraw Conveyor Systems Booth 1213


Electronics Assembly Technology

ACL Inc.                                    Booth 442

Mid America Taping & Reeling Inc. Booth 445

MTA Automation                      Booth 924

Siemens Manufacturing Co. Inc. Booth 1007



Bossard North America Inc.   Booth 807

Fastener SuperStore               Booth 248

Phillips Screw Co. / Wrentham Tool Co.            Booth 1224


Magazines, Associations & Tradeshows

Alliance for American Manufacturing Booth 343

Appliance Design Magazine  Booth 917

Automatica                                Booth 919

Quality Magazine                     Booth 915


Manufacturing Software

eFlex Systems                          Booth 719

SCADAware Inc.                     Booth 1242

Tutelar Technologies Inc.      Booth 638


Marking Equipment & Auto ID

Mecco Marking & Traceability Booth 446

Pannier Corp.                        Booth 1113

RFID Inc.                                  Booth 822

Sprinter Marking Inc.              Booth 443


Plastics Assembly Equipment

EXTOL Inc.                               Booth 733

Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc.     Booth 723

Sonics & Materials Inc.         Booth 1118



Baltec Corp.                             Booth 339

eci Spinnomatic                       Booth 225

Gage Bilt Inc.                           Booth 843

Orbitform                                  Booth 633

S-B Industries                Booths 544, 546



ATI Industrial Automation       Booth 233

EPSON Robots                        Booth 925

IPR Robotics LLC                    Booth 836

Janome Industrial Equipment Inc. Booth 221

SCHUNK Inc.                            Booth 405

Screwdriving & Nutrunning

AIMCO                                    Booth 1207

ASG, Div. of Jergens Inc.     Booth 1133

Delta Regis Tools Inc.            Booth 547

Design Tool Inc.                    Booth 1318

Desoutter Industrial Tools      Booth 423

Express Assembly Products LLC Booth 942

Ingersoll Rand                         Booth 110

Makita USA Inc.                        Booth 141

Mountz                                      Booth 833

Nitto Kohki USA Inc.                Booth 449

Panasonic Power Tools         Booth 346

RS Industrial Inc.                   Booth 1218


Systems Integrators, Automated Assembly Machines & Parts Feeders

ALFING Corp.                          Booth 912

ATC Automation                       Booth 523

ATS Automation                       Booth 507

Edgewater Automation            Booth 247

Centricity Corp.                     Booth 1019

Doerfer Companies                 Booth 321

Fibro Inc.                                Booth 1139

Fusion Systems Group           Booth 340

Genesis Automation              Booth 1014

Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing Booth 907

ixmation North America          Booth 205

McClellan Automation Systems Booth 936

Micro Automated Systems Group Booth 1119

Performance Feeders Inc.    Booth 1039

Rapid Development Services Inc. Booth 839

Sankyo America Inc.               Booth 222

Stelron Components             Booth 1125

Swanson Systems Inc.          Booth 1033

Weiss North America Inc.       Booth 415


Test, Inspection & Sensing Technology

ATEQ Corp.                              Booth 444

ATC Inc.                                  Booth 1112

Balluff Inc.                                 Booth 122

Banner Engineering Corp.     Booth 132

Cincinnati Test Systems Inc.  Booth 539

Cosmo Solutions Technology Booth 643

ECC                                           Booth 245

FasTest Inc.                             Booth 145

Foerster Instruments Inc.        Booth 639

Inficon                                      Booth 538

InterTech Development Co.   Booth 619

Kistler Instrument Corp.          Booth 918

Pantron Automation Inc.         Booth 742

Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.                 Booth 823

Physicom Corp.                       Booth 244

Virtek Vision International Inc. Booth 438

WEH Technologies Inc.       Booth 1338


Wire Processing

Brady Corp.                              Booth 923

Eubanks Engineering Co. & Cablescan Booth 832

Cirris Systems Corp.               Booth 241

Coast Wire and Plastic LLC    Booth 542

Daniels Manufacturing Corp. Booth 1225

EIS Wire & Cable                      Booth 739

Panduit                                     Booth 906

Pressmaster                             Booth 838

Schleuniger Inc.                      Booth 133

Strunk Connect                        Booth 725

Weidmuller                             Booth 1239


Workstations, Displays & Miscellaneous

Factory Technology

Electronic Displays Inc.          Booth 545

IAC Industries                          Booth 819

Lista International Corp.         Booth 625

Pro-Line                                    Booth 549

Sovella Inc.                            Booth 1022

 Unex Manufacturing Inc.         Booth 825