Creform, the original pipe & joint material handling system helps assemblers be more productive and lower overall material handling costs by offering them a variety of unique products.  Creform provides cost effective ways to design and build a wide variety of material handling structures including workstations, carts, flow racks and AGVs. 

The addition of Creform 42mm heavy-duty pipe, Placon® Gravity Roller Conveyors and expanded AGV products provide users with new ways to increase productivity while supporting continuous improvement and lean programs. 


Creform 42mm pipe is 2-1/2 times stronger than any 28mm plastic coated pipe and joint system allowing you to build stronger structures using less pipe and joints.  Over 50 joints, accessories and 42mm/28mm transition joints provide unlimited design options.


Creform Placon gravity roller conveyors provide stability and smooth material handling flow, meeting the challenges of conveying totes with soft bottoms, open cell designs or unpackaged parts.  Precision 3” wide rollers spin freely on polished stainless steel axles and require lower flow lane angles than conventional skatewheel conveyors. 


Creform AGV systems can help eliminate the need for manned tuggers or line side parts and component storage, freeing up valuable floor space.  Creform AGVs can be built using pipe and joints and/or welded steel structures using a wide selection of bolt-on drives and BST undercarriage style tuggers. A variety of controls including plant-wide traffic control can manage most material handling challenges. 

Heavy-duty portable workstation

  • Easily moved and fits through commercial doors
  • 650 lb capacity for temporary work surface
  • Placon conveyors present part boxes and totes

Heavy-duty 42mm flow rack

  • Presents stamped parts to welding cells 
  • 1,500 lb weight limit without bracing
  • 3” Placon conveyors guide heavy totes

Heavy-duty Carts

  • 42mm pipe cradles 5 to 25 lb reels
  • Eliminates hanging reels, increases efficiencies 
  • Good ergonomics, fast retrieval

Mobile Conveyors

  • Placon Conveyors combined with mobile carts
  • Conveys mixed container styles
  • Boosts flexibility of parts handling

AGVs deliver cart trains

  • AGV fleet sequences part carts to lines
  • AGVs have 1,500 lb capacity, 82 fpm speed
  • Returns empties to warehouse kitting area

Bi-directional AGV

  • AGV travels over 700’ route
  • Sequences 7 engine types
  • Powered conveyor deck holds 2 engine pallets

 The information shown here is intended to provide an overview of options for creating Creform AGV units and systems, heavy-duty structures using 42mm pipe and joint components and Placon roller conveyors.  Visit the Creform web site for information about myriad opportunities available for building other material handling structures and vehicles or contact one of our sales engineers at 800.839.3863.