Creform offers a variety of unique products for simplifying, designing and building material handling structures and vehicles. Designing and building stronger workstations, carts and flow racks can be done in less time using the Creform 42mm pipe and joint system. By employing Placon® Roller Conveyors into pipe & joint structures, efficiencies are improved for handling difficult to convey containers or unpackaged parts and components. Creform’s wide variety of AGVs can help make better use of valuable floor space by incorporating JIT component delivery to assembly lines. 


Creform 42mm pipe is 2-1/2 times stronger than 28mm plastic coated pipe and joints allowing you to build stronger structures using less material which reduces both design and assembly time. Over 50 joints, accessories and 42mm/28mm transition joints provide unlimited design options.


Creform Placon gravity roller conveyors provide stability and smooth material handling flow, meeting the challenges of conveying totes or boxes with soft bottoms, open cell designs or unpackaged parts. Precision 3” wide rollers spin freely on polished stainless steel axles and require lower flow lane angles than conventional skatewheel conveyors. Available in standard, ESD and stainless covered roller versions.


Creform AGV systems can help eliminate the need for manned tuggers or line-side parts and component storage, freeing up valuable floor space. Creform AGVs can be built using pipe and joints and/or welded steel structures using a wide selection of either bolt-on drives or undercarriage style tuggers. A variety of controls including plant-wide traffic control can manage most material handling challenges.

Heavy-duty portable workstation

Easily moved and fits through commercial doors

650 lb. capacity for temporary work surface

Placon conveyors present parts, boxes and totes

A heavy-duty flow rack constructed of Creform 42 mm pipe and joint

2,000 lb. load capacity

Eight leveling feet and Creform’s heavy duty conveyor

19 flow lanes total with each lane holding two to three boxes

Push cart designed for handling production parts

Open design of the cart makes all shelves visible

Handles up to 350 lb.

Parts handled direct from the cart

Fully assembled or as a kit

Stair-stepped flow rack

750 lb. load capacity

Adjustable levels can be repositioned

Handles totes or corrugated boxes

AGVs deliver trains of kit carts

Unmanned fleet sequences part carts to lines

AGVs have 1,500 lb. capacity

Returns empties to warehouse kitting area

Creform BST AGV Model CA-A50060-NSI with Creform built carts

Automatic engage/disengage tugger with cart

Cart rated for distributed load of 400 lb.

Swivel casters at both ends allow the carts to be towed in either direction

Optional opportunity charging and traffic control

The information shown here is intended to provide an overview of options for creating Creform AGV units and systems, heavy-duty structures using 42mm pipe and joint components and Placon roller conveyors. Visit the Creform website ( for information about myriad opportunities available for building other material handling structures and vehicles or contact one of our sales engineers at 800.839.3863.