In tough economic times it is even more important to find efficient, cost effective ways to improve assembly processes and to make sure they save you time and money. Automating assembly is a sure way to improve productivity, especially when you find an single innovative system that can drive and assemble multiple parts that have different drive configurations. Visumatic has the only system on the market today that can answer this challenge.


Visumatic Robotic Fastener with VERSA software is new to the industry. VERSA is a true industry innovation because you - the customer - can define and self-program drive sequences for multiple parts on a simple, extremely user friendly windows based touch screen. With Visumatic‘s VERSA Versatile Reprogrammable software there is no longer downtime waiting for an on site service call for reprogramming! 


Just one Visumatic Robotic Driving System with the VERSA program allows for saved drive sequences and drive parameters for 1000 + parts on the same robotic assembly station – unheard of elsewhere in the industry today. Your saved drive configurations can be pulled up automatically as needed for feeding and driving assembly, you can interchange parts without reprogramming, and drive configurations can be tweaked at any time with simple touch screen adjustments by your staff.

The integrated vision system recognizes part presence and qualifies each part with feature qualification, barcode or OCR. Drive results are displayed clearly and simply onscreen showing each drive location with green (pass) or red (fail) lighted indicators. The system seamlessly integrates 3rd party vision and torque control software. VERSA stores your complete assembly data, and has Ethernet capability to ‘talk’ to your management systems.

The Robotic Fastener includes Visumatic’s custom feed and drive system that can install screws, nuts, bolts plastic push pins, formed rivets, brazing rings, coils, washers and more.


Your staff can now very simply reprogram your robot on their own without a Visumatic service call or without extensive line down time, keeping your assembly process extraordinarily productive and efficient. The software system allows you to ‘Teach’ the following values for as many parts as you need to assemble, and to recognize multiple fixtures that fit your station.

You can manually input the following for each individual part you are assembling:

  • Drive locations & drive sequence
  • Robot travel speed
  • Torque control parameters
  • Required pneumatic value & sensor control value
  • Vision inspection parameters & locations to differentiate parts being assembled
  • Feeding from multiple screw feeders with different fasteners.

This innovation save time and offers the cost justification necessary for adding automation or for upgrading to robotic assembly due to the sheer number of parts that can be assembled with the same robot with virtually zero down time between switchovers.


Visumatic’s goal is to continue to develop innovative assembly systems, like our new Viper MBC screw driving robot. The Viper MBC delivers and installs a wide range of fasteners, including screws, nuts, bolts, pins, clips, brass rings, and barbed darts. We developed this robot package for seamless integration by machine builders, who are answering challenges brought by their customers. Watch for upcoming Visumatic announcements as we continue to lead the way forward with automated fastening systems.

Visumatic Industrial Products is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. We are experts in feeding and driving technology, specializing in state of the art automated fastening systems. All machinery is designed, built, and tested in-house, and offered through a distributor network in the USA, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

For further information, contact Visumatic at 859-255-7907, or visit us on the web at


Manufacturers need to assemble multiple parts with differing drive locations — concurrently— without time consuming line switchovers


 Visumatic VERSA Versatile Reprogrammable Software allows you to SELF PROGRAM OVER 1000 DIFFERENT PARTS ON THE SAME MACHINE, save configurations, and change out parts and applicationson the fly.