In a rapidly evolving technology space, battery manufacturers are challenged to continuously improve production methods while scaling their operation. For several years, Nordson Sealant Equipment has worked within the industry to provide improvements, efficiencies and solutions to a wide range of dispensing applications in the battery assembly process. With many installations across the world, our expertise includes multiple process applications such as dispensing thermal management materials, bonding urethanes and epoxies, and environmental encapsulants.


Cycle time reduction

Cycle time reduction is a major focus for battery manufacturers. Many traditional meter, mix and dispensing systems use only a single dispense head for the whole process. Nordson installations can feature multiple dispense heads per single meter, in configurations of two or more, single or two component valves, that can be activated independently by a single Nordson shot meter. While not dispensing from each valve simultaneously, the process greatly reduces the required number of robot movements and optimizes cycle time.

Additional process time can be saved with Nordson’s specialized dispense valve designs and application specific nozzles and needles, that permit materials to be dispensed in challenging reach locations of battery cell modules. These capabilities eliminate the need for secondary operations, such as brushing, and circumvent the need to flood a battery module to ensure materials are applied. This further reduces cycle time and material waste.


Performance by design: Durable, rugged, yet precision equipment

As manufacturers continue to ramp production to support high growth rates, reliable equipment is crucial. Long service intervals and simple maintenance routines keep production on track.

Nordson Sealant Equipment meters, valves and supply equipment all include features that promote easy identification of wear parts and quick replacement or repair kits. For example, many dispense valves are designed to enable quick-disconnect and direct drop-in replacements, reducing downtime and potential for errors.

Our extensive experience with the abrasive rheology of thermal gap-fill materials (commonly seen in battery packs) led us to also develop special coated fluid path components and long-lasting custom seal and O-ring materials, enabling our equipment to run longer before needing service, providing less downtime and reducing maintenance costs.


Smart footprint design

Optimized dispensing systems allow our battery customers to reduce their manufacturing footprint and simplify cell layout. Typically, a single Nordson bulk supply station can provide dispensing material to multiple shot meters, reducing footprint. Additionally, our reduced weight custom sized meters enable installation on smaller robots or gantry systems, for a compact, space saving environment.


Industry leading capabilities

Nordson Sealant Equipment provides complete engineered solutions, from bulk supply, to meters and a wide range of dispense valves, we can deliver application-specific features to suit any production requirement. Furthermore, at our Application Development and Customer Training Center we can demonstrate our capabilities in a laboratory environment before installation.

As global leaders in metering, mixing and dispensing solutions for battery cell manufacturing applications, we encourage early involvement in projects. Please reach out to our Battery Team to improve your production capabilities and performance.


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