MCPc is an information technology and logistics services company that helps businesses select, deploy, manage and recycle computers and other electronic devices. Headquartered in Cleveland, MCPc has been in business since 1964, adapting with information technology as it evolved from office equipment to desktop computing to handheld devices.

The company has regional offices and technology centers in eight locations throughout the United States. Its newest and largest technology center, SkyPark, is located in Cleveland. As MCPc grew, the SkyPark facility transitioned from old wooden benches to basic off-the-shelf benches. Although the benches were an upgrade, MCPc encountered problems with static protection and with moving high volumes of equipment in and out efficiently.

The basic bench could not support the demand or the tasks required. The workspace consisted of just a few benches with adequate power and lighting, and a single bench able to support heavy loads. Technicians shifted equipment around the lab to complete their projects. Cable management became cumbersome. Technicians who once worked on a few computers at a time were now working on up to 30
small devices.

“We found that the bench was really an important part of the puzzle,” says MCPc operations manager Jim Leonard. MCPc needed the ability to set up the benches consistently across the operation. The benches had to be strong enough to hold the heaviest devices safely without warping or caving in. And, the benches had to be static-dissipative.

Treston (formerly Sovella) was able to meet MCPc’s needs with static-protected, reconfigurable, uniform workstations. Through authorized dealer Conveyer & Caster, Treston provided MCPc with benches and accessories to increase efficiency and maintain an organized facility.

Treston provided equipment that met each of MCPc’s needs. Static-dissipative work surfaces saved technicians time and energy, and guaranteed protection. The benches are highly adjustable and modular for configuration in a variety of ways, using standard parts. This flexibility was the biggest factor in MCPc’s decision to choose Treston over a competitive product.

“The bracketry [Treston] supplied allows us to put any one new device on a bench, in the same format. It also allows us to rearrange should we need to for a specific project,” says Leonard. “A lot less handling, a lot less shuffling of people and projects. It just makes it easier.”

Nearly 100 benches make up the SkyPark facility alone, each needing a dedicated data and power supply. Cable management for multiple devices on each bench is critical. Using Treston accessories, cables can now be run underneath the workstation, hiding them from view and maintaining a clean working environment.

As technology advances and devices become smaller, MCPc anticipates the need to accommodate more devices on each bench. This consistent growth has them looking towards the future and continued partnership. Treston workstation products are currently in use in multiple MCPc facilities across the country.

“I think it gives the customer another touch of confidence,” notes Leonard.  “I would say that they’ve certainly made a big difference in the way our operation works. It’s good stuff.”

The design of Treston’s reconfigurable workstations take into account several factors. These include individual ergonomic requirements, process changes in production or operations, and seamless efficiency of material flow.

The modular workstations enable end-users to quickly react to new situations and maintain continuous operations. An extensive selection of accessories is available for all of the company’s workstations.

Years of design experience help Treston customize each workstation for each assembly and manufacturing application. For the needs of the electronics industry, in particular, the company makes electrostatic-protected workstations that are suitable for ESD protected areas. These workstations are also suitable for projects related to precision mechanics and mechanical engineering.

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