BELVIDERE, IL—Production at Stellantis’ assembly plant here came to a halt on Monday due to the widening global shortage of semiconductors for auto parts. The shutdown is expected to last a week.

“We are working closely with our global supply chain network to manage the manufacturing impact caused by the global microchip shortage and will continue to make production adjustments as necessary,” says Jodi Tinson, spokesperson for Stellantis.

Semiconductors are being used in more vehicles than ever before as the auto industry rolls out new vehicles with electronic features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, driver assist, navigation and hybrid electric systems. However, when global automotive production slowed down last year during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, semiconductor manufacturers diverted production to consumer electronics. Now that the automotive industry is recovering, semiconductors are in short supply.

Stellantis is among several automakers that have been forced to halt production amid the shortage. Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota and Nissan have also delayed production of some models to keep factories operating.