ESKILSTUNA, Sweden—Volvo Construction Equipment is building the world’s first test and demonstration facility here to showcase the latest autonomous, connected and electric vehicle technology. It will feature a secure track for full-electric, automated and teleoperated machines, including charging infrastructure and 5G connectivity.

“We are excited to demonstrate our complete TARA solution to customers, including how to set up and run the site, how to charge and store the TA15 electric autonomous haulers, and how we manage the control room and surveillance operations,” says Calle Skillsäter, technical specialist in connected machines at Volvo Autonomous Solutions.

“This is an important strategic investment…and is proof of our commitment to drive sustainability through innovation,” adds Carl Slotte, head of international sales at Volvo Construction Equipment. “We are looking forward to welcoming visitors to this world-class facility and allowing them to experience exactly how we are building tomorrow.”