GROVE, England—Engineers at Williams Advanced Engineering Ltd. (WAE) are developing a cutting-edge electric motorbike for Triumph Motorcycles. The TE-1 project will feature a lightweight, ground breaking battery system that will enable riders to use more electric power for longer.

“The battery has peak power of 170 kilowatts (kW) and continuous power of 90 kW, with a capacity of 15-kilowatt hours,” says Paul McNamara, technical director at WAE. “This enables the motorbike to deliver 130 kW of peak power and 80 kW of continuous power.

“Class-leading system cooling, combined with the optimum balance of power and energy, means TE-1 can give the rider more electric power for longer and deliver outstanding performance regardless of battery charge,” claims McNamara. “The 360-volt system also enables a fast-charging time of under 20 minutes.

“[We have] optimized the battery module layout to balance mass and positioning within the prototype chassis, taking into consideration center of gravity, space and relationship with the power train and charging approach,” explains McNamara. “A new [custom] vehicle control unit has also been integrated into the battery pack to minimize weight and packaging.”

Through this innovative project, we are delivering next-generation battery technology,” adds Dyrr Ardash, senior commercial manager at WAE. “The energy density of this new battery will be a significant step forward giving the rider more power, for longer.

“Additionally, we have pushed the limits of performance by balancing the battery for acceleration and range, with simulations modelled on track-based riding,” claims Ardash. “In other words, as aggressive as possible. What’s more, we have also reduced mass and optimized frame position to benefit handling, too.”