SANTA CLARA, CA—Absolute EMS Inc., an electronics manufacturing services provider here, has selected FactoryLogix manufacturing execution software from Aegis Software to support requirements for adaptability, traceability, paperless manufacturing and insights into its production processes.

“We have a long history of delivering superior products and services to our customers, and we view our digital transformation journey with FactoryLogix as a critical step to achieving transformative benefits of Industry 4.0 and driving a distinct competitive advantage,” states Doug Dow, COO of Absolute EMS. “FactoryLogix was the only solution that provided a robust, flexible platform for the complete manufacturing lifecycle and that could support our diverse requirements and aggressive growth strategy.”

Founded in 1996, Absolute EMS originally focused on the medical device industry. Since then, the company has broadened its scope to include the aerospace, defense and automotive industries.

Absolute EMS is implementing a comprehensive mix of FactoryLogix’s capabilities, such as production preparation and management, process workflow designer, interactive work instructions, manufacturing execution and tracking, quality and non-conformance management, IIoT connectivity, product and process traceability and manufacturing intelligence.

“We are very pleased that Absolute EMS selected FactoryLogix as its Industry 4.0 platform to digitize and optimize its manufacturing operations,” says Jason Spera, CEO and co-founder of Aegis Software. “Our uniquely adaptive platform provides Absolute EMS with unparalleled capabilities to quickly pivot manufacturing processes to support a diverse portfolio of products without added costs or downtime. We are very excited to work together with Absolute EMS as it digitally transforms its operations and business.”

FactoryLogix is a holistic and modular software platform with configurable modules to support and execute a manufacturer’s Industry 4.0 strategy. FactoryLogix manages the entire manufacturing lifecycle: from product launch and material logistics to manufacturing execution and quality management. It also offers powerful analytics and real-time dashboards. The software helps companies accelerate product introductions, streamline processes, improve quality and traceability, reduce costs, and gain greater visibility for competitive advantage and profitability.