NOVI, MI—Martin Technologies has developed an electronic smart power distribution module (eSPDM) that distributes electrical current in vehicles. The company claims the new technology can decrease wiring content by up to 90 percent, while reducing harness cost and weight. Other benefits include improved fuel economy in conventional vehicles and longer battery range in electric vehicles.
“The patented technology is disruptive and an industry game changer,” claims Harold Martin, CEO of Martin Technologies. “[It] provides a new and efficient approach to the low-voltage and high-voltage wiring of modern vehicles.
“Existing wire harness technology requires approximately 12,000 feet of wires, which reflect 20 percent of total vehicle costs,” says Martin. “The conventional harnesses are heavy, bulky and have significant warranty costs associated with them.
“eSPDM is a smart wire technology, consisting of electronic power distribution modules that distribute electrical current like a network to operate all electrical components in a vehicle,” explains Martin.
“The mobility industry has advanced in many segments and the timing could not be better for our eSPDM Smart Wiring systems,” says Martin. “We have now advanced from a working prototype to full sweep engineering testing and validation programs that comply with the strict standards required by OEMs. [Our team] is moving forward based on early interest from mobility OEMs requesting a production launch in model year 2023-2024.”
One of the first applications for eSPDM will be on Volcon Inc.’s new line of electric ATV and UTV vehicles.