MUNICH—Based in Töging am Inn, Germany, ViscoTec designs and manufactures equipment for dispensing adhesives and sealants. The company’s products are used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from bonding smartphone displays to manufacturing honeycomb structures for aircraft.

Now, the company has introduced dual-cartridge applicators, featuring Festo pneumatic control modules, for exact, clean dispensing of two-part adhesives, pastes and silicones of different viscosities.

The eco-FEED and vipro-FEED DC are the latest technologies for consistent, automated dispensing of two-part materials. Dual-chamber cartridges make it possible to evenly dispense two-part adhesives and sealants when the two components have different viscosities. In many cases, the two components must be mixed at a precise ratio. In ViscoTec’s design, the two applicator cylinders are moved independently of each other, which helps ensure the correct ratio.

Such equipment is particularly important in the electronics industry. For example, minute quantities of adhesive must be applied precisely and reproducibly to circuit boards. Or, gaps between electronic components must be precisely filled, often using highly abrasive pastes. In such applications, control over delivery pressure is crucial.

“In our new double-cylinder devices, we rely on a Festo control module with pneumatic automation technology,” says Martin Stadler, managing director of ViscoTec. “The control module indicates pressure and controls delivery. It was developed in close cooperation with Festo, from the development of the prototype to the current production-ready device.”

The control module monitors the pressure and quality of the adhesive application independently of temperature and viscosity. It enables volumetric filling. The module offers optical filling level monitoring as a standard feature. Customers have the option of an electric level monitoring version.

The dual-cylinder control module consists of a Festo VUWS valve, VHER hand lever valves, flanged pressure gauges, LR-D pressure regulators, fittings, silencers, and PUN tubing.

“Having the module delivered ready for installation saves us time and effort, since we know we can integrate it directly into the cartridge applicator device without any adjustment issues,” says Christian Heidinger, head of product management at ViscoTec.

The appeal of this new development is that the precision application of the adhesive leaves no rims of adhesive on displays or micro cameras and no adhesive oozing from the corners and edges on glued components in everyday consumer goods.

To see a video of the eco-FEED and vipro-FEED DC, click here.

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