LONDON—Reuters Events is holding its Auto Tech 2022 conference on June 14-15. The online event will feature some of the automotive industry’s leading thinkers, who will discuss trends such as electric vehicles, the evolution of autonomous driving, increasing in-car connectivity and the rise of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).
Speaker will include Mercedes Benz Mobility chief executive Franz Reiner, Stellantis chief technology officer Ned Curic, Rivian vice president of engineering hardware Vidya Rajagopalan, Hyundai Motor Co.  chief safety officer Brian Latouf, Polestar chief technology officer Jörg Brandscheid and Mahindra CEO Veejay Nakra.
“The moves toward greater connectivity and autonomy that we are seeing across the sector will lead to safer roads, while also deeply transforming the auto industry as we know it today,” says Nabil Awan, automotive conference producer at Reuters Events.
“This event will bring together leading automotive original equipment manufacturers to discuss how technology will bring more personalized driving and ownership experiences, while improving safety,” adds Awan. “It is a must for anyone interested in discovering what lies on the road ahead for carmakers.”
Auto Tech 2022 will feature more than 20 speakers debating 15 industry-driven agenda topics, grouped under three pillars:
  • Autonomous driving—covering issues such as the value of collaboration between industry leaders and policymakers; how far the industry is on the journey toward full automation; and how to align customer preferences with the rate of new product development.
  • Connectivitylooking at the growing importance of the in-vehicle experience; the risks and rewards of connected services; the role of network operators and mobile edge computing; preparing for the fully connected customer; and how to monetize vehicle data.
  • ADAS technologyfocusing on the growing presence of artificial intelligence in automotive systems; how cellular vehicle-to-everything sensors enable beyond-line-of-sight capabilities; the challenges of marketing automated features; and the grey areas of assisted driving.
“Technology is emerging as a key differentiator for automotive brands,” says Awan. “This unique event will give innovators and technology providers a chance to discuss the latest advances and come away with valuable intelligence with which to drive the evolution of the sector.”
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