Aegis Software delivers a uniquely adaptive manufacturing execution solution (MES) platform, built on an IIoT backbone, to improve manufacturing speed, control, and visibility across the entire enterprise and throughout the supply chain. Aegis’ platform, FactoryLogix®, is designed for today's manufacturing reality, connecting business-critical systems, processes, and people---unleashing transformative benefits of Industry 4.0. FactoryLogix® supports and improves discrete manufacturing from piece parts and electronics assemblies, up through subassembly manufacturing, and full large-scale system integration. It even extends beyond shipment, enabling the return of products to be repaired or overhauled in RMA and MRO environments. Aegis is enabling manufacturing excellence in more than 2,200 factories across aerospace, defense, electronics, medical, and automotive industries.

FactoryLogix® solution areas include: Digital Manufacturing Engineering (DME); Manufacturing Process Execution; Returns, Repairs, Rework, Overhaul (RMA/MRO); Lean Materials Management; Adaptive Planning; Quality Management Solution (QMS); Regulatory & Customer Compliance; Manufacturing Intelligence; Active Rules Engine; Connectivity (IIoT & Business Systems).

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