The RACO LM-Series is a lightweight positioning actuator that is designed for high speeds and long travel (stroke) with medium side-load capabilities. The LM can be used as a single axis system or can be combined to form a multiple axis motion system.

The LM-Series Actuator is engineered for a load capacity of 800 lbs. with carriage speeds up to 200 inches per second. The carriage travels on adjustable roller bearings surrounded by a shock absorbing elastomer tire. The carriage itself is then driven by a steel cord reinforced timing belt with zero back-lash. While a single LM extrusion has a maximum stroke range of 20 feet, multiple extrusions can be linked together to achieve almost any length of travel needed.

RACO LM-Series actuators are frequently found in today's process automation systems and can be configured in multiple ways to meet the needs of each unique application.