Telsonic Ultrasonics Inc: Ultrasonic Joining Technology

Telsonic Ultrasonics Inc specializes in ultrasonic welding technology for the joining of plastics and metal materials. Constant innovations help to ensure that, in many applications, Telsonic has established a lead over competitors that offers added value to customers. With over 250 highly qualified staff, the owner-managed company specializes in:

  • Ultrasonic plastic welding
  • Ultrasonic metal welding
  • Ultrasonic cutting
  • Vibration welding
  • Ultrasonic sieving
  • Ultrasonic cleaning

All over the world, customers in fields such as automotive, packaging, and medical technology value the company's comprehensive services and broad range of ultrasonic components for integration into automation as well as its complete welding systems. Telsonic operates in three main frequencies for ultrasonic linear and torsional welding. They are 20, 30, and 35kHz while vibration welding utilizes lower frequencies within the range of 95-260Hz. With a fully functional laboratory in the USA, Telsonic has the capability to support every application from prototype to production.

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