Impossible Objects, a 3D printer and materials company, has developed a composite-based additive manufacturing technology called (CBAM). CBAM is a new process that is fundamentally different from conventional additive manufacturing technologies. CBAM uses advanced composite materials to address problems across several industries, such as electronics, aerospace, and medical. On a recent episode of ASSEMBLY Audible, we spoke with Jeff DeGrange to learn how CBAM works. Can Impossible Objects' 3D printing technology help manufacturers produce objects that were once "impossible" expeditiously and innovatively? The answer is yes. Learn how it works, where CBAM technology is currently being utilized, and what general developments are being ushered in via additive manufacturing advancements. 

According to Jeff DeGrange, 3D Printing can improve digital workflows at assembly plants, simultaneously saving plants time and cost and addressing supply chain issues. Listen to the entire podcast, Jeff DeGrange, CCO of Impossible Objects On IO's Additive Printing Technology CBAM here.