JACKSONVILLE, FL—Cenntro Electric Group Ltd. has ramped up its truck factory here. The 100,000-square-foot facility is producing several models, including the LS400, Teemak and Metro. Most vehicles assembled at the facility will be shipped to customers located in the Southeastern part of the United States, plus Central America.

“[We have] established production and assembly at five facilities globally, in addition to EV centers in the U.S., Poland, Germany, Spain, Morocco and the Dominican Republic, to support large-scale deployment,” says Peter Wang, CEO of Cenntro.

The company also assembles battery packs that use lithium-iron phosphate battery cells and proprietary battery management technologies.

“By manufacturing our own battery packs, we hope to enhance supply chain efficiency, improve battery resilience, and ultimately have better control over one of the most strategic elements in our supply chain,” explains Wang. “Our ability to support multiple battery assembly operations demonstrates our effort and commitment to promoting local sourcing and local production.”

According to Wang, in-house assembly of the battery packs will initially utilize externally sourced battery cells. Cenntro will continue developing additional battery packs for its product line and, in the future, incorporate battery cells produced by its Cennatic Power Inc. subsidiary.