ANTSY, England—The London Electric Vehicle Co. (LEVC) has unveiled a new modular platform for commercial applications, such as battery-powered delivery trucks. It features a space-oriented architecture (SOA) that maximizes interior space, offering multiple seating and load-carrying configurations.

LEVC is a division of Geely, a Chinese conglomerate that also owns brands such as Lotus, Polestar and Volvo.

With a centrally-located battery, the new platform offers a fully flat floor that maximizes the packaging of electric power train components at the front. Multiple configurations are enabled by a fully flexible seat arrangement that features a sliding track running from the front to the rear of the chassis.  

Equipped with a wide choice of state-of-the-art batteries from 73kWh to 120kWh, SOA is designed to suit individual customer needs. It enables long operating ranges and ultra-fast charging.

“SOA optimizes onboard space offering multiple configurations and endless possibilities, a new advanced EV platform which supports [our] strategy to become a leading zero-carbon mobility provider,” says Alex Nan, CEO of LEVC. “Combined with our groundbreaking L-OS digital architecture, it will bring our new mission to life, delivering smart, green, safe and accessible mobility to all, enabling us to transform from a high-end taxi manufacturer into new sectors.

“We have more than a century of mobility in our DNA,” explains Nan. “The iconic vehicles this company has produced since 1908 may have changed over time, but the core principles have not. They have always been purpose-built for the city, focused on the best occupant experience.

“Building on [our] unrivalled heritage in producing the iconic London black cab, we are adapting our business to meet the rapidly accelerating demand for spacious, flexible electric vehicles,” adds Nan. “With the combined strength of our new strategy and SOA, we will bring advanced zero-emission transportation to more customers than ever before.”