LAVA is a Ukrainian-Canadian company founded in 1984 that manufactures in Canada. In 2014, LAVA shifted to designing and building hardware for adapters that can do power and data simultaneously to tablet devices, turning them into much more B2B accessible devices and conditioning their batteries to get about six years of life.

All of LAVA's products are designed and manufactured in-house at their 26,000 square feet space in Toronto. Despite being a small team of engineers, production, and sales/marketing staff, LAVA fulfills orders within 1-2 weeks with a high-efficiency rate. Read more about how LAVA manufactures products here

On a recent ASSEMBLY Audible podcast, Multimedia Editor Jennifer Pierce met with Rostyk Wynnyckyj, Technical Sales Engineer at LAVA, to find out more about LAVA's efficient design, manufacture, and testing process. 

Listen to the entire podcast on ASSEMBLY Audible.

Rostyk Wynnyckyj on Toronto-based LAVA's Highly Efficient Design, Manufacture, Test Process

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