SmartLight LED stack lights and indicator lights show the status of machines and processes. The lights are bright and easy to see, even at a distance.

The stack light displays machine conditions and uses a color scale to show trends for physical variables. Different colors can be displayed in bands or segments of varying width to indicate machine status. The stack light can also be used as a gauge or level indicator.

The stack light converts the output signals of a sensor into visual or audible information. For example, it can be used to monitor the temperature inside a machine. If the temperature exceeds a critical level, this is immediately indicated by a predefined optical warning signal.

The indicator light is for specific points of use and is used to guide the operator. It also offers numerous additional functions, like displaying the adjusting direction, cycle times of the work steps, wait times while work is being performed, machine status, and fill levels. A second version with an optical sensor can reliably detect hand signals.

The SmartLights are available in 13 versions. All feature bright LEDs whose colors can be defined individually. The lights have an IO-Link interface for plug-and-play installation and easy connection to a controller or PC-based system. Through IO-Link, engineers can make programming changes to the lights on the fly from a central control location. No mechanical reconfiguration is necessary. 

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