SODERTALJE, Sweden—Engineers at Scania Group, a leading European truck manufacturer, have developed a solar-powered vehicle. It features lightweight, thin-film solar panels mounted on the roof and sides of a semi trailer.

“Never before have solar panels been used to generate energy to a truck’s power train like we do in this collaboration,” claims Stas Krupenia, head of R&D at Scania. “This natural energy source can significantly decrease emissions in the transport sector. It is great to be at the forefront in the development of next-generation trucks.”

According to Krupenia, solar energy gives the hybrid truck a prolonged driving range of up to 5.000 kilometers annually in Sweden. In countries like Spain, with sunnier climates, the vehicle can double the amount of solar energy.

Several automakers are also developing solar-powered vehicles to address issues related to battery charging and range anxiety.