The TW Series spring balancer suspends heavy tools through cable tension. This makes the tool feel essentially weightless and easier and lighter to operate. The support cable extends or retracts with the movement of the tool.

The conical drum stabilizes the cable and retraction force of the balancer, enabling the user to position and operate the tool easily and ergonomically. This improves efficiency, decreases fatigue and prevents repetitive motion injuries. The balancer also stabilizes the tool’s position, ensuring accurate work and preventing damage to the tool or the workpiece. Electric and pneumatic power is not required.

Without an internal spring, the zero-gravity balancer can support a heavier weight capacity than a normal balancer. When the operator releases the tool, it remains at the same position and will not fully retract. Additional tool clips are attached on the upper and lower sides to prevent the attached tool from free falling if a spring breaks.

The smallest, TW-00, has a capacity of 1.1 to 3.3 pounds and a stroke length of 19 inches. The largest, TW-70, has a capacity of 132 to 154 pounds and a stroke length of 59 inches. 

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Mijin System Inc.