The CableEye cable and harness test system can now show engineers the distance to a short in addition to the existing distance-to-break capability. Owners of systems with an active product support subscription may download a complimentary software upgrade. Activate the “distance to fault” option to find distance to a break or short. This feature requires the model M4 low-voltage continuity tester or the HVX hipot tester fitted with the advanced measurements option.

All CableEye testers ship with comprehensive software providing test functions, a connectors database, graphic wiring display, reporting, data logging and automation scripting. At the click of a button, engineers can visualize the wiring schematically or by netlist. Components are automatically detected and displayed (including diode orientation). Wiring faults are color-coded, and full measurement data is provided for every pin-to-pin connection.

Another click provides a detailed customizable report, complete with wiring schematic and netlist. A short (red) is clearly identified in the netlist view, and both audio and visual signals indicate the harness test has failed. The distance to fault is provided in percent of total cable length. The match data (in wiring schematic view) is the data against which the cable is being tested.

CAMI Research Inc.