The eco-PEN XS 180 volumetric microdispenser can precisely dispense quantities as small as 0.25 microliter and beads as narrow as 0.1 millimeter, depending on the material. The dispenser weighs just 175 grams, so it can be used for high-speed, high-acceleration operations. The device is designed so that multiple units can be coupled together in an automated dispensing cell. The smallest spacing between valves is 25 millimeters. 

The device can dispense a variety of materials, including solder pastes, die-attach adhesives, edge-bond adhesives, electrically conductive adhesives, underfills and potting materials. The progressive cavity dispenser accommodates a range of viscosities. Filled materials can be dispensed with low shear, which prevents material separations or the destruction of filler particles. 

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ViscoTec America Inc.