Telsonic has developed an MES Connector for its TelsoFlex control software for ultrasonic welding. The software simplifies integration of Telsonic systems into client-side manufacturing execution systems. Engineers can customize the interface to their MES, allowing them to design their systems individually without depending on Telsonic. The MES Connector offers prebuilt functions to respond to events, capture orders, send messages, create logs, and query data.

The MES Connector transfers control of the MES interface to the operator’s hands. At the same time, Telsonic ensures future-proof integration into the TelsoFlex software. The MES Connector is JAVA open-source software that runs parallel to the TelsoFlex software on the machine’s PC. Various interfaces can be implemented, such as OPC-UA, Socket, or database interfaces. The software supports bar code scanning and enables sending messages from the MES to the machine‘s screen.

The software is available for the Telso Terminal TT7, as well as the MPX and TSP product families.