PRATTVILLE, AL—Tier 1 supplier Hyundai Transys has deployed autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from Thira Robotics at its automotive seating assembly plant here. It marks the first time that a U.S. assembly plant has deployed Thira AMRs.

Specifically, the factory uses Thira’s T300 AMRs to transport carts to the assembly line and retrieve carts after unloading.

“Warehouses and factories that could not implement AMRs without investing thousands of dollars to retrofit the floors can now save money invest in automation, solving labor shortages that prevent them from meeting market demand,” says Peter Kim, CEO of Thira Robotics.

The Alabama factory was selected for Thira’s first U.S. implementation due to the state’s increasing need for such technology. Local efforts to bring manufacturing jobs back from overseas have led Korean manufacturers to open new factories in Alabama. Thira’s AMRs help increase employee productivity reducing repetitive tasks and supporting production line needs during employee shortages.

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