Hard-to-mix adhesives require a more complex mixing process to optimally combine the constituents. Thanks to its dynamic mixing process, the eco-DUOMIX is ideal for metering, mixing and dispensing complex materials. Unlike static mixing, the two adhesive components are brought together in a mixing chamber. Motorized mixing elements ensure a constant turbulent flow. Mixing blades produce a splitting and distributing effect.

New features include a more powerful mixer motor with higher torque and an assembly aid for replacing the mixing capsule. In addition, the seals and mixer shaft have been optimized to improve service life and maintenance intervals.

The controller gives the dispenser more functionality. Engineers can digitally monitor and control the speed of every mixing program. Mixing ratios can be set from 1-to-1 to 10-to-1. A pressure sensor warns of clogs.

Dead volume in the mixing capsule is just 0.85 milliliter. Compared to static mixers, this results in shorter dwell times of the material in the mixer and less material wastage.

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ViscoTec America Inc.