PARIS—Saran has unveiled a line of high-power electrical harnesses for battery-powered aircraft applications. GENeUSCONNECT harnesses are qualified for voltages of up to 800 DC and designed to withstand partial discharge phenomena at altitude.

“Equivalent in size to the wiring produced today for traditional aircraft, they can withstand power levels twice as high,” claims Serge Pons, executive vice president and general manager of Safran Electrical & Power's Interconnection Systems Eurasia division. “Thanks to new processes and adapted insulating materials, these harnesses enable the needs of new all-electric and hybrid propulsion systems to be met, particularly in harsh environments characterized by high temperatures, severe vibration conditions and strong integration constraints.”

GENeUSCONNECT covers all aspects of wire harnesses, including connectors, cables, components, and passive protection against electric arcs and electromagnetic radiation. It also addresses the entire wiring life cycle: design, prototyping, integration into the aircraft structure, qualification required for certification, series production and in-service support.