HUNTINGTON, IN—Japanese automotive composites manufacturer Teijin has opened a new topcoat and assembly facility here. The 164,000 square-foot space is an expansion of the company’s existing Huntington site and will be used to support manufacturing the modular painted roof for the Ford Bronco.

Teijin’s decision to choose Huntington as the location for its new facility was driven by a variety of factors, including the availability of skilled workers and ongoing support from the local community and economic development teams.

The company’s Huntington complex already houses a variety of manufacturing capabilities, including compression molding, bonding, water jetting, and sanding. The new topcoat and assembly facility will allow Teijin to expand these operations.

Specifically, the new facility will focus on manufacturing the roof for the Ford Bronco. The facility will be responsible for applying the final topcoat to the vehicle roofs. The roofs themselves will be made from advanced composites and molded at Teijin’s existing manufacturing facility in Huntington.

Teijin has invested more than $100 million in the project, a figure that includes the cost of the land, building and equipment. The company expects to employ approximately 110 people at the facility when operations commence in June 2024. Long-term, Teijin anticipates that the facility will support around 200 jobs.