More than 300 exhibitors are displaying the latest products and services at the 7th annual ASSEMBLY Show. Fasteners, power tools, adhesives, dispensing equipment, conveyors, robots, software, and, of course, automated assembly systems are among the myriad new products on display.

To help draw attention to the breadth and quality of new technologies on display, we’re holding the 2nd annual “Product of the Year” contest at the show, and you—the attendees—will be the judges. We’ve nominated 20 products in five categories that we think are particularly innovative. All you have to do is vote for your favorite on the show floor.

The winners in each category will be announced Thursday, Oct. 24, at 9:30 a.m. in Learning Theater 1.

Among the 20 nominees are four fastening tools. To see all the nominees, click here.


Ultra-Low-Torque Fastening System

The CCS fastening system is designed for ultra-low-torque assembly applications, such as electronics and medical devices. It includes a brushless DC electric screwdriver, controller, cable and power supply. The small and lightweight screwdriver has a torque range of 10 to 180 millinewton-meters, handles screws size S0.6 and larger, and easily mounts to a robot. The controller lets users set up 16 different run-down strategies to address different screws and target torques within a job. Data collection offers traceability, while the graphing capabilities provide a visual assist during fastening setup. Three modes of operation (normal, high speed and tapping) can be controlled through a PC or PLC. The system offers eight inputs and outputs. Booth 323

ASG, Div. of Jergens Inc.


One-Handed Nutrunner

The EABS right-angle nutrunner enables an assembler to tighten fasteners in cramped spaces with one hand, so he can use the free hand to support himself or hold other components out of the way. For greater versatility and comfort, the tool is battery powered, ergonomically designed and weighs just 2 pounds. It is 11 inches long, tightens fasteners up to 24 newton-meters and can run at more than 1,000 rpm. To further boost productivity, the nutrunner can be paired with the company’s wireless Connect smart hub for applications where traceability is essential. Pairing takes less than 10 seconds. Booth 331

Desoutter Industrial Tools


Ergonomic Control System for Cordless Tools

The Ergonomic Tightening System (ETS) directs a cordless tool to deliver short pulses of energy into the fastener during tightening, so the operator safely retains control of the tool. The motor-control algorithm minimizes the average force experienced by the operator, which helps prevent injury. ETS is available on the QX Series cordless fastening tools in both pistol and right-angle configurations. Workers no longer have to manipulate the tool and a stationary torque-reaction device. ETS tools increase mobility and access for tasks requiring one-handed tool operation or when optimum operator agility is paramount. Four operating modes are available: standard direct drive mode; ergonomic mode, which delivers the least amount of energy per pulse; performance mode, which distributes moderate energy per pulse; and productivity mode, which delivers the most amount of energy per pulse. Booth 119

Ingersoll Rand Power Tools


Precision Torque Screwdriver

The FG line of cam-over preset hand screwdrivers are accurate, precise and durable. The tools have a calibration life of more than 20,000 cycles—four times the ISO6789:2017 Type II Class F standard of 5,000 cycles prior to recalibration. In addition, service is not required until more than 100,000 cycles. The tool’s physical design has been updated from the previous generation. The handles have fewer flutes and larger recesses to make them more comfortable to hold, less likely to cause hand fatigue, and easier to clean. Advanced cam-over technology provides a completely smooth reset, reducing the risk of loosening or breaking fasteners. In addition, the patented secure-bit locking mechanism with one-touch release can only be activated by the user for applications that require greater flexibility and efficiency on the line. The unique design also eliminates axial load on the fastener incidentally applied by the operator, which can influence the application of torque and affect product quality. Models are available for torques ranging from 0.8 to 125 in-lbs. Booth 1516, 1517

Mountz Inc.