BANGALORE, India-According to Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) the Indian market will play a pivotal role in the company's World Ahead Program, an ongoing effort to tap into the world's developing nations.

As evidence, Otellini cites the fact that Intel plans to invest some $1 billion in research, venture capital, education and community development activities in India during the next 5 years. "India will play a key role in designing and developing computing technologies used worldwide," Otellini says.

According to Otellini, only 2 percent of Indians currently own a PC or have access to the Internet. To address this need, Intel plans to development a line of low-cost computers and establish a range of pay-as-you-go PC purchasing options for the region. Intel will also work with banks to promote ease of financing and help the country further develop its technology infrastructure.

"Intel's World Ahead Program aims to speed our progress in making technology available to the next billion people, and a big part of this effort is focused within India, for India," says Otellini. "By working with India's business and government leaders, and developing technology locally, we want to create a sustainable environment that offers the right tools to meet the needs of local communities."